Battle Growth

Become a Battle Box

(only 12 spaces available)

Due to the popularity of this initiative in 2019, we re-thought and improved the whole idea.  We will continue our Battle Boxes in 2020, but Box Owners would have to register the Box as a Battle Box.  The first 12 Gyms/Boxes that register as Battle Boxes and enter eight teams will be our Battle boxes for 2020.  In the event that a box cannot register eight teams, the next team  (13) will move to the  12th spot.

2 steps to become a Battle Box:

  1. Register your Gym as a Battle Box ON The Battle website . (Battle will send you confirmation.)
  2. Register your eight teams to enter the Battle 2020. (Battle will send you confirmation that your Battle Box Status has been approved.)

Important Notes:

  • Boxes that do not register as a Battle Box cannot be eligible for Battle Box Status.
  • In the event that your box registers as a Battle Box and the 12 spots has been filled, your Gym will be moved to a short list and you could still qualify if other boxes requirements are not met.

Battle Box