What is Hell Week

If you want to hold the title of champion in Africa’s toughest competition, you don’t just show up, you earn your invite to compete. Over the course of a week, athletes will pin themselves against each other in multiple events across skill, strength and endurance domains. The top 30 male and female athletes will then earn their invite to The Battle 2021 and stand in line for a podium spot.

The event is held entirely online, with athletes able to complete the tests at their training facilities or their home gyms. Tests will be released from the 6th of August with a detailed description for each that we encourage you to download and review. Athletes will be required to submit scores and video links at specific times and dates throughout the week. A live leaderboard will be available for the event, with updates taking place after the close of each submission window. After the final submission window closes on 13 August 20:00, The Battle officials will take one week to review videos and adjust any scores if required to determine the top 30 female and male athletes. On 18 August, all invites will be mailed to those who qualified with a chance until 20 August to accept or decline the invite.

Hell Week takes place from the 9th, till 13th of August 2021, with strict specific times and dates to submit your test scores, video review submissions and formats for each test. See below for more details.

Hell Week Tests

Download the details for each test and be sure to read through them completely. Every test will need to be performed, setup and recorded as laid out in the detailed explanations.

Download Test 1

Release Date 6 August 2021

Download Test 2

Release Date 7 August 2021

Download Test 3

Release Date 8 August 2021

Download Test 4

Release Date 8 August 2021

It is the athletes responsibility to submit and upload scores by the required cut off times. There will be ZERO exceptions for any reason. We suggest loading scores and links early.

Submit Score Test 1

Submission due:

Monday 9 August 22:00

Submit Score Test 2

Submission due:

Wednesday 11 August 22:00

Submit Score Test 3

Submission due:

Friday 13 August 22:00

Submit Score Test 4

Submission due:

Friday 13 August 22:00